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A Tapestry of Time, Taste, and Tradition
Pronto Butcher Story - Catering Perth

Once upon a time, on the sun-kissed shores of Madeira in Portugal, a young boy named Carlos learned the value of a day’s catch, helping his mother sell the fish his father braved the Atlantic to procure.

Each village whispered its own tales, but it was the rhythm of the marketplace that danced in his heart. In the fullness of youth, he set sail to Perth, carrying the salt of the sea in his veins. Here, amidst the waves of Fremantle, his destiny unfurled like the sails of the fishing boats he once called home.

Transitioning from the ebb and flow of the tides to the artistry of the blade, Carlos’s hands, weathered by brine, now wielded the butcher’s knife with an artisan’s grace. Over thirty years, his name became synonymous with excellence, as he carved a legacy in the heart of Perth’s meat industry.

Parallel to Carlos’s journey, nestled in the verdant expanse of a Nepalese plantation, Karen’s story began.

Under the watchful eyes of her grandmother, Alice, the secrets of spice and the warmth of home-cooked meals were passed down like precious heirlooms. The scent of fresh curry leaves and the sizzle of spices on the pan were the melodies of her childhood, and the kitchen, their stage.

In the year 2000, Carlos and Karen intertwined their destinies, founding Pronto Butcher. Their shared passion blossomed into a haven for those seeking the nostalgia of authentic flavours. The butcher shop became a canvas for their cultural mosaic, where every cut of meat and every ready-to-savour meal is a homage to their roots.

Step into Pronto Butcher, and you’re stepping into a story that began decades ago, across oceans and atop highlands. It’s a story told with every tender cut of beef, each savoury portion of lamb, and the comforting embrace of a take-home meal, infused with the love and laughter of generations.

So we invite you, dear customer, to partake in our story. For in the rich depths of our dishes, you’ll find more than sustenance—you’ll discover a journey that satisfies the soul as much as it does the appetite.
Pronto Butcher Perth

Our Products

A Commitment to Quality on Every Shelf

Our shelves and counters are a testament to our commitment to quality. Here at Pronto Butcher, we’re not just purveyors; we’re connoisseurs of prime cuts and homemade meals. Our selection is a parade of the finest, from succulent Portuguese Chicken, lovingly marinated and ready to awaken your senses, to the robust flavours of Greek and Moroccan Lamb, each slice a testament to our rich culinary tapestry. The pork and beef we offer are more than just staples; they are stories of tradition and dedication, echoing Carlos’s journey from the bustling village markets of Madeira to the butchery. Our take-home meals, infused with Karen’s familial recipes, ensure that even the busiest of days are filled with the comfort of a home-cooked feast.

Our Services

Catering to Your Every Need

Whether it’s a board meeting or a boat day, a picnic or a milestone celebration, Pronto Butcher’s catering service is designed to take the hassle out of your hosting. With a diverse catering menu that ranges from savoury quiches with Portuguese chouriço to Moroccan Spiced Cous-Cous Salad and vegan delights like Spiced Sweet Potato & Chickpea patties, we ensure that every guest leaves with a satisfied palate and a heart full of flavours.


A Pledge to Culinary Excellence

Our story may have begun with Carlos and Karen, but it continues with every slice, every spice, and every meal we offer. We promise you a piece of our heritage with every product, a commitment that is evident in the depth of flavours and the quality of our locally-sourced, ethical meats. At Pronto Butcher, excellence isn’t just a standard; it’s our way of life.
Pronto Butcher - Gourmet Perth Butcher
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